Image Sequences

You have already used UIImageView to display an image, but it can also be used for displaying image sequences.

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View Animations

Most UIView properties can be animated, using class methods and blocks.

Let’s prepare an app for testing animations. First, create a custom UIView for drawing a target.

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Next, add this view to the center of your main view.

Next, add a gesture recognizer for double-tapping the main view.

You can now animate the target to the touch point using animateWithDuration:animations:

You can animate multiple views at the same time.

And you can add a completion handler, called when the animation is finished.

You can even nest other animations in the completion handler.

You can add a starting delay and set the easing function to your animation, using animateWithDuration:delay:options:animations:completion:

There are many different animation options. You combine them using the pipe | operator.

View Hierarchy Animations

You can animate transitions between views using transitionFromView:toView:duration:options:completion:

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