Assignment 4

Due on Nov 2 2012 at 11:59 PM


1. Interactive Map

Build an interactive map app where you can add your own annotations on the fly by double-tapping on a location.

  • I chose to build a city landmark guide for the example, but feel free to choose another topic for your app.
  • Your input view should appear modally and allow the user to cancel out of it. Think about using a delegate, similarly to how the UIImagePickerController works.
  • You should have at least three categories of entries, and you need a different MKAnnotationView for each of these categories.
  • When the user taps on the MKAnnotationView callout, a detail view should be pushed revealing extra information on the selected entry. You should therefore use a UINavigationController at the base of your app.

2. Listing View

Add a table view to your app where the user can browse all the entries as a list.

  • Use a UITabBarController to switch between both views. This UITabBarController will be the initial view controller, and should hold two UINavigationControllers (one for the map, the other for the table).
  • Build representative icons for each item in the tab bar.
  • Selecting a cell in the table should push the same detail view as when tapping a callout on the map.

3. Icon and Splash Screen

Add an icon and a splash screen to your app.

Submit a single Xcode project for this assignment. I don’t need to see each answer separately, simply submit your final app.

Here is my solution.

  1. Nicolas Mollet. Map Icons Collection. Visited Oct 21 2012.
  2. Darran Morris. Free Icons. APP-BITS. Visited Oct 21 2012.

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