Design Briefs

In today’s lab you are going to team up with another student in the class and come up with solutions to design briefs. You will then present your results to the rest of the class and we will discuss the pros and cons of your solutions.

Keep in mind the App Design Guidelines when thinking about these problems.

  1. Design a control interface for a 2D platformer game for the iPhone.
    • You need controls for moving to the left and to the right, and for controlled jumping, i.e. the user needs to be able to perform short and long jumps.
    • Because of the limited space on the iPhone screen, you can’t use a directional pad.
  2. Design the complete experience and interface for a video kiosk app for iPad.
    • The app is intended for a museum setting, as a guestbook for patrons to leave comments at the end of their visit.
    • The app must record a short video using the camera and submit this video to the museum’s YouTube account. It can provide any features you feel are necessary to perform this main task.
    • Include all the screens you design and the flow from screen to screen in your solution.
  3. Design the control interface for a Tetris game for the iPhone.
    • You need controls for moving the falling piece to the left and to the right.
    • You need controls for rotating the falling piece clockwise and counterclockwise.
    • You need controls for dropping the falling piece instantly onto the game floor.

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