Final Project

For the final project, you will need to develop a fully functional mobile application for iOS devices.


You can build any type of app you want. It can be a game, a utility, an artistic piece, a fun toy, etc. Your idea needs to be original and fresh. You should not build something identical to an already available app. However, an idea will take a pre-existing product in a new direction is totally fine. For example, a photo album app is a bad idea, but a photo album app that identifies animals in pictures and automatically creates albums by species is a good idea.

Your app can be designed for iPhone/iPod only, iPad only, or Universal. Your choice of device support should depend on the type of application you are developing. For example, a geolocation app would be better suited for iPhone, and a text editing app would be better suited for iPad. A Universal app must reflect in its design the differences (in hardware and function) between iPhone and iPad.

App design guidelines must be considered in your project. Make sure the features correspond to the main purpose of the app, and that the experience is consistent and user-centric.



Nov 7

Project Launch

  • Come up with an idea (or many) for your app
  • Present your app idea to the class
  • Use your peers’ comments to solidify your idea

Nov 14

Design Pitch

  • Present your app design to the class
  • Explain the main purpose and features
  • Define the target audience
  • Prepare wireframes to help visualize the user experience
  • Use your peers’ comments to solidify your design

Nov 21

Work Session

  • Develop your app

Nov 28


  • Present your fully functional app to the class
  • Explain any challenges you encountered
  • Peer review each other’s apps
  • Celebrate

You have almost 4 weeks to complete your project. The scope and complexity of your app must reflect this timeline. It should be much more complex than an assignment question, but a multi-level first-person 3D shooter is probably wishful thinking.

Make sure that you can complete the project by the deadline.


11 iPad 2 devices are available to our class for the final project. You will be able to use these for development starting on November 13. The details aren’t set in stone yet, but it’s looking like the iPads will live in the Computation Lab, and you’ll be able to check them out from there.

You will install your app on all of the iPads for the final presentation, so that we can all test them out directly.

If you have your own iOS device, you can use it for development, but you will still need to install your project on the class iPads for delivery.


Your final project is worth 50% of your total grade for the class.


Concept and Idea

Platform Awareness
Audience Awareness


User Experience and Design

Platform Characteristics
Human Interface Principles
User Experience Guidelines



Code Correctness
Code Elegance and Style


Peer Review

Anonymous grading of each other’s projects


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