Foursquare Client

The original idea for this lab was to upgrade our Twitter Client from Class 5 with map capabilities but unfortunately, Twitter decided to completely change and complicate their API so we’ll need to get some data from somewhere else.

So for this lab, you’ll be building a Foursquare Client for displaying restaurants nearby on a map.

You can start from scratch if you’d like, but you can also continue where you left off with your Twitter Client, or you can download my starter project. All I’ve done is change the request to point to Foursquare, and populated the table view with the response data.

You’ll also notice that the request URL includes a client ID and client secret. That’s because the Foursquare API requires you to authenticate to use it. You can create your own “app ID” here, or you can just use the one from my starter project.


  • You must use Core Location to determine your latitude and longitude.
  • You must edit the URL string to put in your coordinates for the ll variable, replacing 40.7 and -74.
  • You must customize your map annotation views.
  • Your detail view controller needs to provide more information than the map view, and should look nice. In other words, do something more original than what I did in the above screenshot.


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