Icons and Launch Images

Every app needs a set of app icons and a launch image.

  • An app icon is an icon for your application that is used on the device’s Home screen. It is tapped to start the app.
  • A launch image is a fullscreen image that is displayed instantly when the app is started. The image is displayed while the app loads and gets replaced by the starting screen when the app is fully ready to use.
  • An App Store icon is an icon for your application that is used in the App Store.
  • A Small icon is an icon for your application that is used for search results on the device (Spotlight), and in the Settings app.

These icons and images must meet specific criteria so that iOS can display them properly. In addition, icon and image files have naming requirements.

Type iPhone 5 iPhone 4/4S iPhone 3GS New iPad iPad 2
App Icon 114 x 114 57 x 57 144 x 144 72 x 72
Icon@2x.png Icon.png Icon–72@2x.png Icon–72.png
Launch Image 640 x 1136 640 x 960 320 x 480 1536 x 2008 (Portrait)
2048 x 1496 (Landscape)
768 x 1004 (Portrait)
1024 x 748 (Landscape)
Default–568h@2x.png Default@2x.png Default.png Default-Portrait@2x~ipad.png
App Store Icon 1024 x 1024 512 x 512 1024 x 1024 512 x 512
iTunesArtwork@2x.png iTunesArtwork.png iTunesArtwork@2x.png iTunesArtwork.png
Small Icon 58 x 58 29 x 29 100 x 100 (Spotlight)
58 x 58 (Settings)
50 x 50 (Spotlight)
29 x 29 (Settings)
Icon-Small@2x.png Icon-Small.png Icon-Small–50@2x.png

iOS automatically adds some visual effects to your icon so that it coordinates with the built-in icons on the Home screen. Specifically, iOS adds rounded corners, a drop shadow, and reflective shine. You should make sure your icons do not have any rounded corners or reflections so as not to interfere with this rendering.

If however, you’d rather not have these effects automatically added, you can set the Icon already includes gloss effects to YES in the Information Property List (Project-Info.plist).

  1. Custom Icon and Image Creation Guidelines. iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Apple, Sep 19 2012.

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