Notable Apps


By Frontier Design Group
An audio toy using the device’s accelerometer to generate theremin-like audio. Rotate the phone to adjust the pitch and vibrato.

Papa Sangre

By Somethin’ Else
An audio-driven game with no graphics.

Air Hockey Gold

By Acceleroto
Air hockey game with single device multiplayer option.

iHandy Carpenter

By iHandySoft
A set of carpentry tools like levels and rulers using the device’s accelerometer and gyroscope.


By Shadowforce
A paintball-like game where the device’s camera is used to detect other players using computer vision.

Noby Noby Boy

By NAMCO Bandai Games
A game where you stretch a character as far as you can by actually traveling in the real world.


By hexler
A modular interface for controlling OSC and MIDI software interfaces.


A large scale video installation where content is displayed, captured, and triggered using iPads.

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