visualizing Twitter feeds with dynamic typography.


tweetPad is software used to visualize Twitter feeds in a new, dynamic fashion. The idea is to not only be on the receiving end of these feeds but to be able to manipulate them; to react and to interact with what we are reading. This is done by deconstructing the text: scrambling the letters or words, breaking sentences apart, replacing words,combining multiple entries into one, etc.

tweetPad also visualizes statistics on the source of the incoming messages (web, sms, instant messaging, or 3rd party software) and the number of characters per message.

tweetPad's interaction is playful and intuitive, using simple mouse gestures to perform all actions.


tweetPad was created by Elie Zananiri, with help by Eric Gullberg and Lysanne Bellemare. Most of it was conceived and built during the Visualizar workshop at the Medialab Prado.

Special thanks go out to the following people for the technical, conceptual, and design advice+help: Ricard Marxer Piñón, Hernâni Dias, Santiago Ortiz, Ben Fry, José Luis de Vicente, Adrian Holovaty, Julian Oliver.

Built with Processing, NextText, ezGestures, Twitter4J, and caffeine.


The tweetPad application is made up of an executable JAR file, which will be updated often, and a resources folder, which will most probably never be updated. Since these are both pretty large, you can download the JAR separately.

version 0023
* package [18MB]
* JAR only [7MB]
* poster [PDF]
The source will be available soon, once it gets cleaned up.


* Images [Flickr]
* Interview [we make money not art]
* Video interview [Cámara Abierta 2.0]

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